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The latest development for JPC-Intan as below:
  • Install a new kiln for VCP firing on 1st Quarter Year 2010, increased the total capacity by additional 30%.

  • Starts to supply to Middle East Market mid Year 2010.

Other development and achievement for your reference:
  • 1935
    Establishment of Johore Pipe Company, core activities in sub-soil pipe and ceramic cup for rubber latex manufacturing.

  • 1953
    First company in Malaysia obtaining BS 65.

  • 1955
    First sewer pipe line in Kuala Lumpur by JPC pipes.

  • 1977
    Introduction of Polyurethane for jointing system.

  • 1983
    Establishment of JPC - Intan Sdn Bhd, a highly automated factory.

  • 1992
    First company in Malaysia to produce VCP of 2m length.

  • 1992
    First company in Malaysia to produce pipe up to DN 450.

  • 1998
    Company adopting ISO 9002: 1994.

  • 2002
    First company to produce DN 500 and DN 600 VCP in Malaysia.

  • 2002
    Starts to produce DN 300 and DN 400 VC Jacking Pipes.

  • 2005
    First company in Malaysia developed own Sleeve Joint system and start produce DN700 VCP.

  • 2005
    Start to introduce Jo-Link for DN150, DN225 and DN300 and later to other size.

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